COPIOUS Body Serum




jatamansi + myrrh + cbd + frankincense + lavender ashwagandha + nettle + black cumin seed oil + hemp olive + licorice Skin + Mind Conditions: oily, acne, congested, aging + mature, dry, wrinkles, normal, combination. Nervous tension, pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, mental fatigue, psychic trauma. Botanical Therapeutic Actions: An medicinal array of Ayurvedic + Western holistic herbalism combined in one bottle for complete healing of body + mind. + CBD cannabis sativa sourced through Europe + Ecocert, containing 80 different phyto­cannabinoids assisting with the treatment of numerous health issues. Highly analgesic promoting the reduction of pain + inflammation in the body. + Jatamansi aka Indian Spikenard very special + mystical + precious aromatic herb in Western + Ayurvedic pharmacology. Taking action on the nervous system + promoting a deep sense of relaxation + rejuvenation. + Ashwagandha recorded use for at least 3000 well known in Ayurvedic pharmacology. Used to build OJAS (immunity) assisting in elevating iron levels. Relaxes smooth muscles, and counters liver toxicity. Balances the mind by increasing the availability of dopamine. + Nettle best known as an adrenal tonic, blood cleanser, anti ­inflammatory, antioxidant, endocrine tonic, sedative + nutritive. Energizes the nerves, muscles, capillaries + lymphatic system. Encourages fearlessness + reduces anger. + Licorice enters all twelve meridians + harmonizes the effects of other herbs, prolonging their effects. Stimulates interferon production, soothes irritated membranes, + restores pituitary activity. Helps induce feelings of calmness, peace + harmony. + Frankincense can be used to alleviate anxiety, nervous tension + stress related conditions. Works well in aiding meditation, contemplation and prayer, helping to cease mental chatter + stilling the mind. Well known for its skin care capabilities, recommended for dry + mature skin, scars, wrinkles and wounds. + Myrrh highly anti inflammatory tonic for the skin + body. Myrrh oil instills a deep sense of calm + tranquility. + Lavender aka true lavender has harmonizing effect on the nervous system. Lavender assist us in combating our reactions to stress. It calms the mind + alleviates fears. + Black Cumin Seed Oil numerous antioxidants supporting immune health, strengthening, firming skin and has shown to prevent scar formation. + Hemp Oil nutritive + nourishing moisturizer for the skin. Antioxidant + anti inflammatory properties protect against aging + increase cellular turnover. + Olive Oil has been used for centuries in skin care. High in linolenic acid great for treatment of skin conditions. Energetics: Has amazing effects not only on the body, and our emotional and spiritual selves. Assisting in facilitating peace, balance, + meditation. Alleviates fears and negative emotions.

  • Ingredients: What’s In It? *commiphora myrrha (myrrh),*boswellia sacra(frankincense)*nardostachys jatamansi,*l.angustifolia(lavender)*concentrated hemp cbd oil,*withania somnifera (ashwagandha),*urtica dioica (nettle leaf),*g.inflata (licorice),*olea europaea oil(olive),*nigella sativa oil (black cumin seed),*cannabis sativa oil (hemp), VIT E mixed tocopherolsNON-GMO certifed, *denotes organic + sustainably wild harvest
  • Technical Specifications: Details: 100ml/3.4oz
  • Dimensions:H 5.0 Inches x W 2.0 Inches x L 4.0 Inches


A fifteen year journey from toxic to natural started an evolution of conscious living. Choosing organic natural products health + healing soon transpired. Simple actions create health + vitality. This evolution developed into a quest for knowledge, especially about our botanical allies. A formal education in Ayurvedic Medicine, Yogic + Vedic Science, Eastern + Western Herbalism as well as extensive studies in aromatherapy created a subtle connection to the healing power of plants. Formulating + working with clients through the practice of herbalism + Ayurvedic medicine taught me that lifestyle shifts make a impact on our health. Going organic in all aspects of life creates healing.