WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine



Details & Care

Innovative construction meets easy operation in this sleek, beautifully designed brewer that turns out perfect cups of espresso with a nice, dense crema layer—anywhere, anytime. Just add ground coffee and hot water, pump by hand and this small, lightweight machine is ready to serve. Up for any task, it can easily create a wide range of espresso styles—ristretto, single shot, doppio, cafe lingo and cold brew—and can interchangeably use freshly ground coffee or encapsulated coffee pods.

  • Includes Nanopresso, built-in espresso cup, filter basket, scoop, brush, pouch, warranty card, stickers and multi-languages instruction book
  • 16 1/4″L
  • 0.74 lb.
  • 0.28 oz. ground capacity
  • Patented pumping system reaches a maximum of 261 psi/18 bars of pressure
  • Lined water tank holds up to 2.7 oz. (80mL) water and is protected by the detachable cup
  • Heatsink pattern absorbs and protects hands from heat
  • Portafilter components are easy separated for cleaning
  • Imported