VYBES CBD Beverage – Variety Pack 12 bottles




Interested in sampling the Vybes Rainbow of flavors? We are offering 2 of each Flavor – 12 bottles total.

2 – Peach Ginger

2 – Honeycrisp Apple Basil

2 – Blackberry Hibiscus

2 – Blueberry Mint

2 – Burning Mandarin

2 – Strawberry Lavender

Each Vybes Beverage is filled with 25mg THC free Hemp CBD and made with all organic ingredients. Vybes is certified Vegan, these beverages are something you can integrate into your daily life, sip on them throughout the day or after a workout. This is the perfect beverage to have around all the time.

Mixed Case – 12pack

Taste Score: 9.5/10

Vybes comes in 5 flavors:

  • Honeycrisp Apple Basil
  • Burning Mandarin
  • Strawberry Lavender
  • Blueberry Mint
  • Peach Ginger

Top marks for taste.

Value Score: 7.5/10

How much CBD bang are you getting for your buck?

The headliner here is 25mg of CBD, which is a pretty hefty dose for a CBD-infused drink.

Health score: 8.5/10

How committed is this brand to health and wellness? We look at all the ingredients.

Vybes uses all-organic ingredients (a big plus for us), and these drinks are relatively low-sugar (ranging from 4mg to 12mg). The drinks contain a variety of low-sugar juices (blueberry, lemon) along with green tea extract and a couple of alternative sweeteners.

The fact that they’ve pulled off such a tasty, sweet drink with so little sugar is impressive (we don’t love alternative sweeteners like erythritol either, but they’re better than cane sugar).

But here’s the knock: Vybes uses CBD isolate, rather than full-spectrum.

Founder Jonathan Eppers explained in an interview that he wanted a THC-free product, so people could be confident they weren’t getting anything psychoactive. Well, fair enough. But in the same interview he disputed that full-spectrum is more therapeutic or medicinal than CBD isolate, claiming there was no evidence to support this.

That isn’t entirely true (multiple studies have attested to the entourage effect), and we at Remedy Journey support using full-spectrum over CBD isolate, especially for medical conditions.

While we see the value of having zero-THC products available for folks who might get drug tested (or who are touchy about THC), the use of isolate dings the health score a little.

Relief Score: 8/10

Many of us consume CBD to relieve ailments. Does this product provide effective relief?

I use CBD for anxiety, and I have noticed a slight difference in effectiveness between CBD isolate and full-spectrum, but CBD isolate still works well, and 25mg is definitely an adequate dosage.

This drink was effective as an anxiety-reliever for me, and the Remedy Journey team overall found that Vybes was effective as a remedy, though not as much as a comparable 25mg dose of full-spectrum CBD.

X-Factor: 9/10

What makes this drink special? Does it promote productivity or focus? Does it get one “lit”?

One of the nice touches of this drink was the use of green tea extract for a small caffeine kick (30mg), which provides smoother, less volatile energy than caffeine from coffee.

My daily CBD-infused drink favorites typically have a heftier dose of caffeine (75mg+), but I found the relaxed, mellow energy I got from this drink to be pleasantly relieving. CBD drinks with lots of caffeine often leave me feeling anxious again once the CBD wears off, but Vybes was a more calming experience that left me feeling lifted for the rest of the day.

Vybes drinks also have a pretty, chic-minimalist design and taste great. They’re just an overall joy to carry around and sip on.

Final Verdict: 8.7/10

Let’s put it all together: what’s our overall take on this drink?

It tastes great, it’s pleasantly relieving, and uses all-organic ingredients, so overall we really like this drink. The only real knocks on Vybes, in our book, are the price point and the use of isolate rather than full-spectrum.

If you’re looking for a stylish, mellow anxiety-reliever and you can afford it, Vybes is a great choice. If you’re looking for more potent therapeutic doses at a better value, then we’d recommend other full-spectrum drinks that offer more bang for your buck (or just using a full-spectrum oil).

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