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TUBBLE Eye Masq Seashell White



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Did you have a long day in front of a blue screen, driving or just running errands? We are happy to introduce you to our Tubble Masq eye massager to help your eyes relax. Tubble Masq is the ultimate eye massager that will help you relax and have a few minutes of peaceful time. Our Masq is made of high-quality soft leather that is easy to clean and makes the experience more unique and comfortable. The lithium battery allows you to take your Masq with you at work or on a trip. Four different massage modes are designed to bring your eyes a whole new experience. Find a comfy place, close your eyes, put the Masq on, and let your eyes get much-deserved relaxation.

About Tubble

Tubble is an innovative and brand new company working on wellness and lifestyle. With inflatable bath as the main focus and product of the company, Tubble has grown into a great competitor inside the inflatable bath market. The innovative bath coming from Tubble has been shown to be very competitive and comes with a great quality. After developing the first Tubble design, the model has been tested, improved, tested some more, further improved, to the model you see here. Tubble, the flexible and inflatable bath, is now available in 20 countries and offers the luxury experience of a bath for a small price. We have made it our mission to make a relaxing bathing moment for everyone within arm’s reach. We would like to make the luxurious and relaxing feeling of bathing become accessible and affordable for everyone. So you can enjoy your Tubble, wherever and whenever you want.

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