The Joanna Vargas Euphoria Face Mask is Made For Sensitive Skin It Contains Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract to Soothe and Nurture




This mask is like a cool summer breeze on a hot day. Within seconds of hitting your skin it will reduce inflammation and redness, calming your complexion.

When I was testing this restorative skin treatment my clients described it as “A mind-quieting beauty ritual that treats your inner princess or prince”. This is a skin nourishing and face soothing mask that helps diffuse skin sensitivity. Smog, cigarette smoke and other pollutants can contribute to skin damage and sensitivity. Most of us can’t do anything about these external triggers that cause skin sensitivities but we can at least soothe our skin by using the Euphoria face mask.

Skincare For Sensitive Skin Made With Sodium Hyaluronate and Rose Oil

You might feel that you are not ready for a night of bright light and selfies but all I ask is that you give this a try. Skin irritation is can be minimally soothe. This face mask is packed with botanicals like aloe vera to soothe and sodium Hyaluronate which has water-retention capabilities superior to hyaluronic acid and Allantoin a comfrey plant extract that is highly regarded for its skin soothing and healing abilities. Apply the soaking face mask to your clean face allowing the proprietary ingredients to freely penetrate your skin to fully benefit your complexion.

Buy the Joanna Vargas Euphoria face mask and Calm Stressed Skin. Receive a full money back guarantee for 60 days in case you are not fully satisfied.

FOR YOUR FIRST AID BEAUTY ROUTINE: Slap one of these miracle-workers on for 20 minutes and your humanity will be restored. If your skin is inflamed, damaged and needing a miracle this will be the ultimate complexion reviver.
THE RESCUE BEAUTY SALVATION FOR a complexion that is acting like a sad, dry sponge. Drenched in restorative ingredients this sheet mask will deliver in twenty minutes a revival to your complexion, as close to instant gratification as you can possibly get in skincare.
SENSITIVE SKIN MEET SKIN CALMING SERUM. The aloe properties in this mask will quickly reduce redness and soothes the most sensitive of skin.
BEST QUICK FIX FOR SENSITIVE SKIN If you suffer from sensitive skin it can be tricky to find products that will pamper your complexion without leaving it feeling red or irritated. Luckily, you found the Euphoria mask to help you with dry or damaged skin.
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