TEABOX Compact Tea Maker


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Capacity 15 fl oz

Spin some charm with this convenient, heat-resistant table-top tea maker. Infuser included.


The sleek silhouette of this novel tea maker gets your attention right away. The double-paned borosilicate glass body keeps your tea hot (or cold) and is comfortable to hold. The fine-mesh, removable stainless steel infuser goes on the top and is perfect for steeping loose-leaf tea. All you have to do is spoon your favorite tea into the infuser, fill the tea maker with hot water all the way to the top, tighten the lid and that’s it. Your tea maker is ready for use on the go.


  • VOLUME15.0 fl oz
  • HEIGHT9.1 in
  • DIAMETER2.8 in
  • COLORTransparent


  • Turn the lid to remove it.
  • Spoon desired quantity of tea leaves into the stainless steel infuser.
  • Slowly pour recently boiled water into the container. Avoid filling all the way to the top.
  • Tighten the lid and steep tea as usual.
  • When tea is ready, carefully turn the lid and remove infuser to avoid over steeping.


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