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STAFF Happy Neon Plunger



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Bring some joy to your bathroom, especially when you need it most. This Staff is a plunger. Complete with a sleek and sanitary drip tray. Plus a bronze ring for a little razzle dazzle. It works too, trust us.

A note from our founder…

“Welcome to the world of Staff!

Being stuck in my tiny New York apartment during Covid, I started thinking of ways to improve my time in the space. Ways to make each day brighter.

I soon realized there are endless functional products we all regularly interact with that lack any sort of personality. The idea behind Staff is to bring these items to life in a fun way – using bold colors, unique materials, and characters that are eager to help.

All in hopes of bringing you moments of joy throughout your day.

Well, that and untold riches.”

– Charlie Weisman

© 2022 STAFF


Blue, Green, Orange, Purple

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