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SAKARA Nootropic Cocolates




  • Provides instant energy, brain clarity and focus
  • Nootropics and adaptogens improve cognitive function naturally
  • Raw, organic dark cacao with 1g unrefined coconut sugar and a touch of natural peppermint

  • 100mg L-Theanine – Nootropic that reduces cortisol and induces a calm concentration
  • 53mg Green Tea Extract – Works in conjunction with L-Theanine to boost cognition, alertness and mood
  • 50mg Lion’s Mane – Mushroom with neuroprotective effects; reduces brain fog and improves memory
  • 50mg Gotu Kola + 50mg Bacopa – Adaptogens that improve brain function and regulate stress response

  • Enjoy 1-2 chocolates per day as needed
  • Due to caffeine content (50mg per chocolate), not recommended at bedtime


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