DroppingSeeds12 Pack Multi-Use Herbal Blend Collection




roppingSeeds offers multi-use organic herbal blends as a vehicle to empower traditional health and wellbeing – whether you enjoy to vape, smoke, sip or soak. Not sure which blend is right for you? Why not try all 12? Whether you’re looking to calm your nerves, need focus to meet a deadline or are looking for a natural coffee substitute, this collection has what you are seeking.

Made in the United States.

Details: Includes: 12 organic herbal blends (CALM – calms your nerves, FOCUS – best to use for deadlines, SLEEP – induces sleep, AWAKE – great coffee substitute, MOON – ideal for moon meditation, SUN – use for socializing, RELAX – relaxes your muscles, SYNC – synchronize with the universe, HIS – aphrodisiac for him, HERS – aphrodisiac for Her, QUIT – smoking cessation, CENTER – great for meditation). With each tin you can create: 16-32 Herbal Rolls / Vapes / Smudges or 4-8 Therapeutic Teas or 1 Restorative Bath. *Not for use by pregnant or lactating women.

  • Dimensions:H 2.0 Inches x W 2.0 Inches x L 12.0 Inches


DroppingSeeds is a cooperative of earth conscious crafters that offers multi-use herbal blends to empower traditional wellbeing – whether you enjoy to vape, smoke, sip or soak. All products are made ethically from 100% handpicked and USDA Certified Organic herbs. The brand believes that by “communing” with living systems, and our bodies, we can find balance for the ever increasing stimuli of modern life. “Communing” means to fully ingest the plant by inhaling (smoke or vapor), drinking (teas or tinctures) or enveloping the skin (salves or body baths) with the herbs.