RIMOWA x OFF-WHITE Transparent Cabin Size Limited Edition


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Excerpt via Quartzy

If you’ve always wanted to show off your personal belongings to everyone at the airport, you’re in luck. Upscale luggage brand Rimowa and designer Virgil Abloh have teamed up to create a completely transparent suitcase—no x-ray machine needed.

The Rimowa x Off-White suitcase is what you might call “shareable content” in the form of a carry-on. Shareable content pushes emotional buttons: Whether or not you like it, it’s going to grab your attention, and you’ll feel motivated to comment on and share it. The suitcase, described as a “brazen, yet playful response to today’s obsessive talk of privacy culture of surveillance and anonymity,” in a press release, certainly fits the bill.

Virgil Abloh at RIMOWA 6
Virgil Abloh at Rimowa.

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