ODACITE Argan + Coconut Shampoo Bar




ODACITE offers all the perks of your high-quality shampoo – sans le plastic pollution. 552M leaves your hair restored and manageable, full of volume and silky soft. Suitable for all hair types.


  • – A soap-free shampoo bar that provides all the perks of a high-quality shampoo without the plastic bottle
  • – Deeply restores hair
  • – Soap-free formula for comfort and purity of scalp
  • – Hair is left manageable, full of volume and silky soft

Key Ingredients

  • – Coconut oil provides the rich restorative lather and has the ability to improve hair texture whether thin, straight, curly, frizzy, thick, coloured or treated
  • – Cupuacu butter nourishes the hair with the perfect amount of moisture
  • – Argan & castor oil wrap each strand to seal in moisture

Hair Types
Suitable for all hair types.


We love Odacite because it is a genuine, passionate brand, made better by the creative minds and imaginative hearts that head each project. Rather than bombard prospective customers with fake scents that promise everything and deliver nothing, Odacite creatives have a chemist expertise that they share with their devoted customers. Each product concoction is deliciously nourishing to your skin cells – and it all revolves around the healing powers and science of nature. Another reason we love Odacite is because they combine all-natural ingredients to create healing scents that serve dual purposes – as both therapeutic, pleasant aromas, and skin-softening, blemish-fighting oils.

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