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NOMAD Advanced Trackable PowerPack




Advanced Trackable PowerPack
locate with tile

We built the first of its kind rugged, trackable and yes, powerful, portable power pack. PowerPack is an advanced 9000mAh backup battery with integrated Bluetooth tracking, located with Tile®, and contains high powered USB C and A ports.


Nomad began as a kickstarter project in 2012. Brian Hahn & Noah Dentzel met in Santa Barbara, California and set out with a vision of creating a minimalist iPhone cable that would seamlessly integrate into your everyday carry. ChargeCard, Nomad’s first product, launched on KickStarter on July 18th, 2012. Like many startups, we relied on help from friends, family and strangers to bring Nomad from concept to reality. We started off in Noah’s grandma’s basement and bounced around from Agoura Hills to San Francisco and finally back to Santa Barbara, California, where we are headquartered now. Read more about our origins here

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