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MATERIAL KITCHEN The Iconics in Walnut



2 in stock (can be backordered)

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The Best. Our bestselling set of tools every home cook can’t live without. Ten essential items, carefully curated to help you chop, slice, stir and whisk your way around the kitchen. With three handle colors and wood bases to choose from, personalize your set how you want it.


Japanese steel. Set of 10

Essential and then some. Every must-have from The Fundamentals, plus a few key additions to take your meals to the next level: The Serrated 6” Knife—perfect for cutting bread and delicate enough for soft-skinned veggies; The Air Whisk—an elegant and nimble whisk that’ll whip anything into shape; The Slotted Spoon—a modern miniature colander made for effortless skimming and draining.

The set includes The 8″ Knife, The Serrated 6″ Knife, The Almost 4″ Knife, The Only Tongs, The Wood Spoon, The Metal Spoon, The Slotted Spatula, The Air Whisk, The Slotted Spoon and The Base.

5 Reasons To Love, And Buy, Material:

  1. You don’t have to choose between something that looks great or does a great job. Material is the answer for home chefs in need of simple, functional, well-designed, affordable, and high-quality kitchenware.
  2. Everything you need: From razor sharp knife sets to  cutting boards, cutlery, pots, pans, and kitchen utensils, Material has high-quality cookware essentials and gadgets to simplify and optimize your cooking experience.
  3. Who influences you? Because if Food and Wine, Goop, Architectural Digest, Fast Company, GQ, Forbes is on your list, then +1 for Material, who has earned an incredible amount of press for their array of products.
  4. Material has heart, and a conscience! Not only is their brand rooted in the power of food as a way of connecting people and family, but they also invest in sustainable products — like their reBoard that used recycled plastic and renewable sugarcane — and showcase the importance of diversity by celebrating the breadth and depth of their community, like in this post on their website during May for AAPI month. 
  5. Material’s Coated Pan pan isn’t just pretty — it’s 37 times stronger than ceramic, which is a common material used in non-stick cookware. It has five-layers consisting of a copper core surrounded by stainless steel alloy, which gives the pan durability, weight and exceptional heat distribution and conductivity. And true to Material’s roots, it’s clean, non-stick coating is free of contaminants like lead and cadmium.

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