This contemporary-style brewing kit pairs the finest handcrafted matcha-ware with artisanal matcha, perfect for your daily ritual. The Matchæologist® Matcha Brewing Kit balances traditional ceremonial values with contemporary functionality. The kit contains Matsu™ artisanal matcha, a Cloud Glass Chawan (handblown, double-walled glass bowl), a Full Hand Chasen (full-length bamboo matcha whisk), and a Bamboo Chashaku (matcha measuring spoon)—everything you need to partake in an ancient ceremony in modern style.

  • Materials: Heat-resistant borosilicate glass, bamboo
  • Ingredients: 100% matcha green tea (ground tea leaves) from Japan
  • Shipping Dimensions:H 8.5 Inches x W 3.0 Inches x L 5.8 Inches

The ultimate gift of health—share the benefits of an enriching and unique #MatchaRitual experience with the highest-quality ceremonial-grade matcha, which provides a sustained “calm” energy boost, better metabolism, and reinforced immunity for yourself and your loved ones.


Before use, cut open the inner bag of the matcha and gently empty the contents into the tin. Refrigerate after opening for optimal flavor and potency. Remove the stand from the bamboo whisk during use. After each use, rinse with cold water and dry in a well-circulated area. After each use, rinse the chawan with water. Not microwave or dishwasher safe.


Each glass chawan is delicately hand-blown by our master glassblowers from a world-renowned glass-blowing village. It is made with high-quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which can retain heat more effectively while allowing the beautiful colour of the content inside to shine through as you admire your perfectly brewed cup of matcha. The chasen whisk is delicately handcrafted from a single piece of winter-hardened bamboo using a highly-acclaimed technique known as “fingertip art,” now practiced by only a selected few guilds of artisans. The length of the chasen is optimised for comfortable grip, and the number of prongs is carefully chosen by matcha sommeliers to allow for both usucha and koicha methods of preparation. Carved from a piece of golden bamboo to a smooth, gentle bend, the indispensable chashaku is appreciated for its beauty and function. Its elegantly curved shape is specially designed to gracefully hold and dispense the fine powder of matcha.