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Always wanted your own sensory deprivation chamber? Look no further than the Zen Float Tank. This inflatable, at-home relaxation device is can be filled with 10″ of water, saturated with Epsom salt to give you a weightless feeling, and then warmed to 93.5° F, the same temperature as your skin.

The Zen Float Tent

The World’s First and Most Affordable Home Float Solution

In 2014 we launched our company on Kickstarter when we created the world’s first affordable home float solution – the Zen Float Tent.

Since then, we’ve sold Zen Float Tents all around the world and gotten hundreds of people floating at home.

Commercial Float Tanks for Home Use Typically Range from $10K-$30K

The Zen Float Tent starts at just $2,200

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Form & Function

The Float Tent maintains all the elements of a traditional sensory deprivation tank in a revolutionary design that is intended for affordable home-use.

Zen Float Tent Shape.png


This is where the signature Zen pyramid design originated. The shape allows condensation from the warm-water to run down the sides and back into the tub, preventing water from dripping off the ceiling and interrupting your float.

Zen Float Tent Size.png


Easily fit the Zen Float Tent into any room of your house with it’s convenient 4 ft. by 8 ft. footprint. Big enough for a comfortable float but still small enough to fit in any home.

(122 x 244 x 165 cm)


Weight: 106 lbs. (48 kg)

Total weight including water is approx. 2200 lbs (1000 kg)

Liquid capacity: 165 gallons (625 L) if filled 10”
(25 cm) high

Zen Float Tent Material.png


We selected the best materials for the Float Tent we could find. That means lab testing to ensure all the vinyls used are BPA free and pass a rigorous 7 Phthalates (7P) testing*All parts come with a warranty so you are protected.

*More info here.

Zen Float Tent Disassembled.png

We knew that these were going to be used in people’s homes which is why we chose a thick, double layer vinyl that is welded not seamed, to ensure no leaks or tears. The frame is made of a high-quality stainless steel so it will never rust.

Zen Float Tent Material 1.png

The outside of the Tent features a white finish vinyl that looks great in any home, while the inside is made up of a black finish vinyl to effectively block out any external light.

Quality & Convenience

Total darkness, water temperature control and an amazing filtration system all wrapped in a pyramid design to ensure great airflow, no annoying dripping and a full blown sensory deprivation experience.

Mechanical Components

The Zen Float Tent comes with 2 radiant heating pads, a digital temperature controller, and a high-powered UV filtration system to keep your water heated and cleaned and all times.


Easy to ship, easy to move. The Zen Float Tent can be shipped anywhere around the world in two small boxes. If you ever have to move or relocate, it’s easy to drain the water, disassemble, and move with you.

Designed to Last

Knowing that these were going to be used in people’s homes, we searched for a material that was light enough to ship but still extremely durable.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Setup takes around an hour and maintenance takes less than an hour a week.

Safe & Reliable

We know how important it is to float without any added anxiety or concern for your own safety and that’s why we designed the Zen Float Tent from the ground up selecting the best materials we could find to ensure no leaks or tears.

Energy Efficient

To keep monthly operating costs low we chose the most energy efficient parts and components to keep your bills reduced.

Warranty Details

There is a one year warranty on all manufacturer defects – If we make a mistake in manufacturing, we’ll make it right.

Same goes for the mechanical parts (filtration & heating systems), we will replace any mechanical part that is faulty for one full year.