KES Sustainable Washable Face Mask – Black Handkerchief Print






These are sustainable, washable protective face masks which have the potential to prevent the entry of airborne particles. 

One size fits all

  • Tie straps custom fit to any adults head size. Mask fabric covers the nose, mouth, cheeks, and chin completely.

Adjustable drawstrings

  • All in one tie straps will not cause pressure on the ears and face. Fastens with one closed loop at the top of the head and adjustable drawstrings to tie around the neck. Allows for effortless usage, maximum comfort, close fit, and adjustability.

Filter Pockets

  • Our face mask have an efficient filtration, however, we offer a discreet interior pocket for optional filter inserts.

Reusable, breathable material

  • Offered in multiple layers of reusable, washable, soft biodegradable materials that provide protection and breathability. Premium quality of material that is soft on the skin and designed for repeated, long term use, and all day comfort.

Ways to sterilize your mask:

  • Machine wash hot
  • iron or steam
  • sit in sunlight for a few hours