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I LIKE IT HERE CLUB Marfa Cuff Earrings



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Handmade gold plated cuff earrings (2) with Hessonite/Citrine/Peach Moonstone

There’s a natural spring in the middle of the city, a pool and a creek and a mile from the river, at that – so much water here in the desert. In just our favorite jeans and the Marfa earrings, we float in blue and green, are we lucid dreaming, gently gliding in the shadows of the rocks. Our fingertips grazing water lily, pickerel weed, American lotus, strings of blooms like a secret language. Later, we lay out on towels, large and striped as flags, claiming this land as our own, but just for this afternoon; when the sun dips below the trees we shake them out, fold them up, and disappear.


I Like It Here Club is a fine and demi-fine jewelry line created by designer and goldsmith Yeager

in Wilmington, NC. Named after her grandfather Fred’s morale-boosting club as a

young soldier in WWII, each heirloom piece is handmade with the intention of reminding

the wearer that he or she likes it here, wherever that may be. The brand promotes positive

energy, adventure and reflection, daydreaming and night dreaming and clear, pure joy.

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