HOMECQUE Stilton Apron




HOMECQUE aprons are made of technical silicone leather and resistant to common stains such as red wine, oil and coffee. Our aprons protect you from high temperatures and are flame resistant and waterproof. Wear like a dress over garments or nothing at all – think of our aprons as stylish armor.

100% Silicone Leather lined with soft, quick drying weather cloth. Made in the NYC. Model wears a size S. Velcro closures on hip and neck.


Size Guide

HOMECQUE aprons are meant to wrap comfortably around your hips. Please follow our size guide for the best fit possible.
Small 36 – 37″
Medium 38 – 39″

Material & Care

Thanks to the technical properties of silicone leather cleaning your HOMECQUE apparel & gear is incredibly easy.

100% Silicone

65% Polyester 35% Cotton

Stubborn Stains
Ketchup, red wine, oil, coffee, mustard

  • To remove stains, simply clean with a soft cloth or sponge using water.

Soy sauce, sunscreen, mascara, marker

  • Clean with a soft cloth or sponge using a diluted detergent and water solution

If you would like to machine wash your HOMECQUE apparel & gear
Machine wash warm
Hang dry
Do not bleach
Iron on low using a layer cloth

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