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GROSCHE Mini Burr Coffee Grinder with Storage Pouch



4 in stock

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Grind your coffee anywhere with this portable burr coffee grinder. The GROSCHE BREMEN MINI is a manual ceramic conical burr coffee grinder was made for the adventurers! It’s compact size is designed to ensure you can grind your coffee beans to get the perfect cup of coffee wherever you are. The gap adjustment allows you to go from coarse grind (perfect for French press coffee), to medium grind (ideal for pour over coffee makers) to fine grind (perfect for espresso). Not only will your grinds be more consistent with a burr coffee grinder, but its small size and travel bag included allow you to easily bring it along on any adventure! Breakfast, brunch, coffee break-ready for any time of day.


GROSCHE is our dream – a humble housewares company with heart. We started it in our basement in 2006 with visions of a social enterprise that could change the world. Every product we sell funds our safe water project. It helps communities in need and makes our hearts sing with joy. Together with you, we are changing the world for the better.

Its a beautiful thing.


recycle grosche coffee

91% Landfill avoidance

91% of our waste is diverted away from landfills with our recycling, composting, and reuse programs we have put in place.



bright ideas from GROSCHE

100% Renewable energy

We’ve reduced our energy usage at our head office and warehouse by 40%, & 100% of the energy we do use is green renewable energy



lower environmental footprint

Negative carbon footprint

We’ve had a below zero (net negative) carbon footprint since 2010. Because the best footprint to leave is no footprint at all.




B Corps are business revolutionaries, that use their work to make positive change in the world. We’re honoured to be one of them. When you buy organic you’re helping your body. When you buy “Bcorp”, you’re helping the world and all of us that share it.


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