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BRUUSH Black Electric Toothbrush Kit + Refill Plan


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Designed with dentists, built with sonic technology, the 99% recommended Brüush electric toothbrush removes plaque and stains easily, whitening your teeth from day one.

No more daily charging required

4-week battery life

Our rechargeable lithium-ion battery is built to last an industry-leading 4 weeks on one charge. It comes with a USB charger that allows you to power up anytime, anywhere.

What’s in the box?

  • Brüush Electric Toothbrus
  • Magnetic Charging Stand
  • Travel Case
  • 3 Brush Heads
  • USB Power Adapter

The product: The Brüush has six different brushing settings: daily, white, gentle, gum, max, and tongue. It times a two-minute brushing session with 30-second reminders, and comes in a nice-looking, completely matte-black design.

Sink square footage: The USB-connected charging stand mirrors the shape of the toothbrush’s rounded-edge base, so you can easily fit this on one corner of your sink. The USB cord is actually pretty short, though, and it doesn’t come with a head to plug into the wall, so you’d have to attach one you already own, unless you strictly want to charge this in your computer’s USB port.

How it brushed: Of all the toothbrushes I tried, I found the Bruüsh, when used on the daily setting, to be the best. The vibrations weren’t too weak or too intense, the brush head’s shape was similar to that of a manual toothbrush, and the weight of the toothbrush felt substantial in my hand without being too heavy. The other settings were a little much — if you try the gum setting, the toothbrush starts vibrating and beeping in a way that sounds a lot like Pac-Man — although I suppose it’s nice to have those other options if you want to brush more gently, or really focus on your tongue.

The verdict: Despite its decidedly silly name, the Brüush is a great toothbrush, mostly for its daily setting, which combines the best parts of an old-fashioned electric toothbrush (the vibration speed and just-right weight in your hand) with the best qualities of the new school of toothbrushes (a long battery life, timed brushing sessions, and a few different settings).