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BALMUDA The Toaster




BALMUDA The Toaster features a revolutionary technology that combines steam with precise heat control. Its five unique heat modes are designed to bring out the best in any dish.

Steam technology: Simply pour five cc’s of water at the start of each toast. Heating more rapidly than air, a thin layer of steam envelops the bread, lightly toasting its surface, while keeping its inner moisture and flavor from escaping.

Temperature regulation: Precise control of three temperature zones creates superb contrasts of flavor and texture. This will ensure a crisp and savory surface, while retaining a moist and fluffy inside.

Five modes: BALMUDA The Toaster features a Sandwich Bread Mode, Artisan Bread Mode, Pizza Mode, and a Pastry Mode — all specially designed to meet your specific bread needs.

It also has an Oven Mode, which offers three heat settings (350, 400, 450 degrees) to be used to prepare small dishes just like a traditional oven.

Clean compact design: Sleek design and compact in size, BALMUDA The Toaster is a welcome addition to any kitchen décor or countertop.

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Unit dimensions:
W 14.1” × D 12.6” × H 8.2”

The five modes

Find out more about the distinct steam-driven modes designed to create the perfect toast, no matter what type of bread. The Oven Mode can be used to heat oven-friendly dishes.


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