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I LIKE IT HERE CLUB Aphrodite Threaders



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Gold plated threader earrings (2)

Greek islands and olives and a pantheon of goddesses, oh my! Family friends in Crete, all of us, sunny day looking for sea urchins in the sea. Swallows dive in the dunes, and our hands make lazy circles in the cool sand underneath our chairs. Wine and olive oil flowing like sparkling water, all of us gods and goddesses, then later, listening to the local band in the local bar, giggling with beers and hushing each other up, their mandolins and bouzoukis making moonlit nights feel otherworldly and full of purpose, and all of us feel punchy. The next morning we write letters home about what we hope to see when we get to Athens. We drink milky coffee, we kiss and leave, good luck bitter oranges pressed into our hands.


I Like It Here Club is a fine and demi-fine jewelry line created by designer and goldsmith Yeager

in Wilmington, NC. Named after her grandfather Fred’s morale-boosting club as a

young soldier in WWII, each heirloom piece is handmade with the intention of reminding

the wearer that he or she likes it here, wherever that may be. The brand promotes positive

energy, adventure and reflection, daydreaming and night dreaming and clear, pure joy.

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