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ALLAWAKE COFFEE Focused AF Single-Serve Pour Over Coffee



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When you find yourself running around like a headless chicken, you need to stop, drop and brew. Draw your focus to one thing and one thing only: coffee. With all your senses, experience the unique flavors of  citrus, lime, with subtle hints of brown sugar in this blend… all in a strong body. Backed with the strong body of the robusta people love, this blend has the layers and complexity to keep you FOCUSED AF.

Pack of 10 drip-bags
Blend – Dark Roast

Grown in intercropped volcanic soil of coffee and fruits, Kintamani beans have a unique flavor like no other (think citrus, lime, with subtle hints of brown sugar).

Premium Arabica and Robusta Beans
Complex and Bold Flavor
Breakfast, brunch, coffee break-ready for any time of day


Allawake Coffee just simplified your morning brew. As easy as hang, drip, & sip, enjoy a cup of fresh pour over coffee in easy-to-use single-serve drip bags. Skip the cafe lines, toss the filters, grinders, and cleanup. Say hello to premium arabaica beans & a bold flavor – just add hot water. Small batches, big flavors, & nitrogen sealed individual packs make the easy to use drip bags perfect for rushed weekday mornings or Saturday sunrise hikes.

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Carmel, Hazelnut