PANTONE Foodmood Cookbook




Cooking is as much a visual art as fashion, graphic design or interior design with the Pantone Foodmood Cookbook. Fifty-six step-by-step recipes are gathered around eight colors and their variations, including: Yellow (Tarte Citron); Magenta (Sea Bream Tartar with Rose Petals); Green (Savory Asparagus Tart); Blue (Salad with Borage Flowers); Purple (Fox Grape Pudding); Orange (Tandoori Chicken with Basmati Rice); Red (Round Meringue with Wild Strawberries); and Brown (Coffee Semifreddo).

  • Pantone is the world’s foremost authority on color. Pantone Foodmood includes fifty-six delicious, kitchen-tested recipes using color and eye-appeal as the organizing principle
  • Each recipe collection is introduced with an essay by a Pantone color expert, and each is styled to perfection and photographed in Pantone’s full-color glory.
  • Pantone Foodmood is a must-have for cooks who want to bring more artistry to their repertoire, as well as by devotees of the brand, and professionals in fashion, interiors, architecture, brand management, product and graphic design, and publishing
  • Added features include 40 suggested menus combining colors for occasions (brunch, a children’s party, happy hour, a dessert buffet); cuisines (Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese, French); meals for every season; and many other themes.
  • Hardcover, die-cut
  • Pages: 288
  • Illustrations: 120 color



from New York, NY
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