Our Story

We’ll keep it brief

“ C o n s i d e r  i t  a  P e t r i  d i s h 
f or  c o n t e m p o r a r y  c u l t u r e ”
— S e a t t l e  Ma g a z i n e


From our inception in 2007, Pulp Lab has been dedicated to decoding the trends and currents behind contemporary culture
— on the ground and behind the lens, providing insights on the lesser known
occurrences shaping our tomorrows.

This is why we’re here.

Our Platforms



With daily product reviews, news, videos, feature articles and deep links to trending products, our content tells stories that convert visitors into customers.



Provides brands with a high potential e-commerce and content platform to gain brand awareness + exposure, and support with sales, events and influencers.


Pulp Media Lab – The Agency

Strategic Insights and Consulting, Social Media Mining, Brand Strategy, Insider Intel on food, fashion, music, tech, film and advertising trends.


A pop-culture cultivator, Kate Pawlicki is an entrepreneur with an appetite for bringing creative concepts and business together. Kate has extensive experience developing strategic partnerships in new media, leveraging emerging technologies, creating valuable content and developing marketing and advertising programs for Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft Corporation, Google, YouTube, Starbucks, Samsung and many others. She launched Pulp Lab, a trends research and digital content company, in 2007 as a spinoff of Pulp Inc, her digital marketing services firm. Going beyond identification of “the next big thing,” Pulp Lab partners brands with emerging cultural movements, trends and content. Kate holds a B.A. from the University of Washington. She is a member of Future Trends, International Association of Business Communicators and the Northwest Entrepreneur Network.

Favorite things

Alaska by boat. Earl grey tea with milk. Estate sales. David Bowie. Walking the dog. Pianos. Bookstores.
Bangkok night market. Sayulita surf. Italian shoes. Happy hour. Homemade pie. Film noir.


Or contact us at hey@shoppulp.com or 833-706-PULP