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Warm weather is on the horizon, and it has the fashion world dreaming up their coolest summertime looks (this editor included), which means that the round of fashion micro-trends I’ve spotted is full of styles I’d probably pack on a beach vacation. In today’s roundup, you’ll find the soon-to-be It shorts, sunglasses, and ankle-baring shoes that are just now starting to bubble to the surface. Each piece is all about the details but will have a big impact on the trend-o-sphere in just a few months’ time.

Time to wave goodbye to your short shorts. Bermuda shorts are poised to be everywhere this spring and summer. Of all the materials they’re offered in, it’s the sumptuous leather shorts that I’m most intrigued by. They first came on my radar after seeing the newly refreshed look of Bottega Veneta under Creative Director Daniel Lee’s vision. Styled with a plain white tank top and strong sunglasses, it’s going to be my summer 2019 aesthetic.

Milano Smooth Leather Shorts
$474.60 (30% off)

Mid-rise leather bermuda shorts



Buh-bye, micro-sunglasses. The trend pendulum is swinging to the opposite end of the spectrumas far as sunglasses are concerned, and that means the fashion crowd is ushering in a new wave of shades that are oversize and square-ish with orange tints. The retro style is reminiscent of the ’70s, and the influencers who favor them are playing up the theme by styling the sunglasses with warm colors and checkered prints.

CHLOE Poppy Square-Frame Acetate and Gold-Tone Sunglasses ($362)

STELLA MCCARTNEY Oversized square-frame sunglasses $215 Now$150 Save 30%


STELLA MCCARTNEY Oversized square-frame chain sunglasses $445 Now$222 Save 50%

For me, summer is synonymous with an ankle-bracelet situation. (Hello, sandal season.) So this bubbling shoe trend that involves built-in ankle jewelry had me at first glance. Two specific shoes are defining this trend, in my opinion, but it’s only a matter of time before more styles start to surface. The first is another soon-to-be It piece from the new Bottega Veneta and the second is a pair of Jil Sander flats with a genius removable anklet.

JIL SANDER Tripon Ring Flat in Sabbia ($660)

POLLY PLUME Bella Sandals  $415.00


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